Boer War

Boer War (1899-1902)

Elements within the South African colonies had become disgruntled with the increasing interference in local affairs by the British.  The Boer farmers (descendants of the Dutch settlers) of the Transvaal and Orange Free State, declared war on Brittan in 1899.  The British Government called for assistance from within the Empire, and Australia (after federation on 1901), sent a contingent of up to 20,000 men and 80 women in support.  After 3 years at war, the Brittish defeated Boer resistance in 1902.

The Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour lists 598 Australian casualties, with 6 servicemen being awarded the Victoria Cross for their Boer War service.

DAVIES, William

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Served in the Brittish Army for 21 years in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Rank – Sergeant Major

Service Number – 6224

Enlistment – 1 October 1884

Discharged – 20 September 1905


1. Queens Southern African Medal & 2 clasps “Cape Colony” and “Orange Free State”

2. Kings South African Medal & 2 clasps “South Africa 1901” and “South Africa 1902”

3. Good Conduct & Long Service Medal

William Davies emigrated to Australia in 1911 and worked an orchard called “Brackendene” approx. 40kms west of Kojonup until 1937, when he retired to a new home he had built at 10 Banksia Street Bunbury.  He was residing at this bunbury address until his death on the 3rd November 1950 at 90 years of age.  The “Brackendene” property is still owned by a descendant of the Davies family, however occupied as a residence only, with tree farming as its current use.

Burial Location – Anglican D-678

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FLYNN, Doctor Joseph Ignatius

Rank – Captain

Division – Unit 5 Medical Staff

Elisted – 06/03/1901

Discharged – 17/05/1902

Date of Death – 30/08/1944

Age at Death – 75

Burial Location – Roman Catholic B 122/123

RUSSELL, Walter Edward

Service Number – 449

Rank – Private

Division – 6th W.A. Mounted Infantry

Enlisted – 10/04/1901

Discharged – 17/05/1902

Date of Death – 13/07/1947

Age at Death – 73

Burial Location – Anglican D-513

SHAW, Donald Coll

Rank – Private

Service Number – 248

Division – Mounted Infantry: W.A Intake No.5

Enlisted- 6/03/1901

Discharged- 17/05/1902

Date of Death- 30/12/1937

Age at Death- 62

Burial Location- Anglican- A- 15

SHAW, Hugh Thomas

Rank – Sergeant

Division – Mounted Infantry: W.A Intake No. 5

Enlisted- 6/03/1901

Discharged- 17/05/1902

Date of Death- 27/11/1963

Age at Death- 89

Burial Location- ANGLICAN- D- 286