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Honours, Medals, Awards

The following service men received Honours and Awards while on active servie with Australian forces.  Honours and Awards are conferred in recognition of gallant or distinguished conduct or service.

First World War – Recommendation for awards were sourced from the London Gazette, Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, original honours and awards recommendation files, published lists of award winners, Army orders and biographical sources.   The recommendation files were created by the Australian Department of Defence between 1915 and 1919.

Second World War – Recommendations for awards were sourced from the Govenor-Generals Office which was the final approval point for honours and awards for the 1939-1945 conflict.


Service Number –

Rank – Major

Division – 9th Lighthorse

Enlisted – 9/10/1914

Discharged – 01/11/1919

Date of Death – 05/11/1981

Age at Death – 89

Burial Location – Crematorium Main Path D

Honour/Award – Distinguished Service Order (DSO)


Major Clive Bleechmore was recommended for the DSO on the 9th of October 1918.   Source of this record can be found in the London Gazette and the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette.

For bold, decisive action near Dumar on the 30th September 1918 whilst in charge of the vanguard.  Having located a large column of enemy with transport moving NW along the Beirut road and not withstanding heavy enemy machinegun fire, he disposed his squadron so as to bring fire to bear so effectively that the road was soon blocked with the dead and the transports, thus enabling the complete surrender of the column, which ultimately took place.  Again on the 2nd of October 1918 by bold leading after being ordered to seize Khan Ayash he succeeded in heading off the enemy just as they were mounting a machinegun in the Khan.


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Service Number –

Rank -Lieutenant

Division -28th Battalion

Enlisted -11/11/1915

Killed in Action -10/06/1918

Date of Death -10/06/1918

Age at Death -23

Burial Location -Congregational A 9/10

Honour/Award – Military Medal (MM)


Percy Blythe’s name is located at panel 112 in the Commemorative Area at the Australian War Memorial.  Below is his recommendation for his Award

He earned special distinction during the attack on Pozieres Ridge on the night of 28/29 July 1916, in maintaining communication between the surviving officers of his company under very severe fire right under the German wire.  He attended to the wounded and placed them in positions of comparative safety and when withdrawal was ordered he informed the surviving men along the whole line, giving assistance to the wounded as he went.  He took part in the counter-attack of 5th August 1916 and was wounded.

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CLARKE, Raymond Arthur

Service Number –

Rank – 2nd Lieutenant

Division – 11th Battalion

Enlisted – 17/08/1914

Discharged – 11/01/1918

Date of Death – 24/10/1959

Age at Death – 70

Burial Location – Anglican D 682

Honours/Awards – Military Cross (MC)


Lieutennant Clarke was recommended for awards twice and on multiple occasions was referred to in dispatches for his actions.  Below are several of these recommendations / dispatch reports.

Date of recommendation – 30th July 1916

For valuable services rendered during the operations of the 22/25 July 1916 which culminated in the capture of Pozieres

Date of recommendation – 4th February 1917

For consistent gallantry and good work. Lieut. Clarke served continuously with his battalion from Aug 1914, to September 1916, from which date he became Brigade Bombing Officer.  From March 1916, he was the Battalion Bombing Officer and carried out his duties in a cool manner, and with considerable tactical ability.  During a raid by the 11th Battalion on the Tadpole (Petillon Sector) on the 30th June 1916, Lieut Clarke was second of the party in entering the trench.  During the operations culminating in the capture of Pozieres (21/26 July 1916) his handling of the bombing teams left nothing to be desired.  While Brigade Bombing Officer he has performed his duties in a very satisfactory manner.  His devotion to duty and gallantry at all times have been an inspiration to all ranks.

Date of reccomendation – 7th March 1917

Lieut Clarke is the Brigade Bombing Officer.  He obtained his commission on the 12 March 1916 and has served as Bombing Officer with great success from September 1916.  He is a young man of a particularly cheerful disposition, has a wonderfully inspiring way among his men, and is most energetic.  For sterling worth and devotion to duty he stands alone.  His high qualities were greatly tested and proved during the advance on Le Barque and Thilloy from 25th to 27th February 1917

Date of Recommendation – 25th September 1917

From February to June last Lieutennant Clarke carried out the duties of Brigade Dump Officer with unusual efficiency.  At Le Barque in February, at Boursies in April and Bullecourt in April and May 1917 he invariably kept the front line supplied with ammunition and material in spite of shelling and adverse weather conditions.  His personal courage, his untiring energy and zeal have been admired by all and have been a good example to others.


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CLARKE, Robert Mayo

Service Number -427294

Rank – Flight Lieutenant

Division – RAAF (seconded to 635 Squadron RAF)

Enlisted – 21/06/1942

Discharged – 07/01/1945

Date of Death – 07/01/1945

Age at Death – 23

Burial Location – Anglican D 681

Honours/Awards – Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)


Acting Flight Lieutenant Clarke was recommended for the DFC with the following citation

Acting Flight Lieutenant Clarke, as pilot, has completed numerous operations against the enemy, in the course of which he has invariably displayed the utmost fortitude, courage and devotion to duty


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MAGILL, Arthur Melville

Service Number -WX16886

Rank – Corporal

Division – 2/4 Machine Gun Battalion

Enlisted – 06/10/1941

Discharged – 01/03/1946

Date of Death – 11/07/1979

Age at Death – 60

Burial Location -Crematorium, Pascalli Bed

Honours/Awards – Military Medal (MM)


The commendation of Private Magill was mentioned in the London Gazette on the 1st of August 1946.  This commendation can be found on page 3919, position 4.  The Commonwealth Gazette also made mention on the 12 September 1946 on page 2475.

ROSE, Thomas Hayward

Service Number- 939

Rank- Corporal

Division- 11th Battalion

Enlisted- 18/08/1914

Discharged- 31/07/1918

Date of Death- 24/11/1973

Age at Death- 85

Burial Location- Anglican E- 127.


Awarded Military Medal at Gallipoli, during the period April 25 to July 15 , 1915 for “Conspicuous Gallantry “. He rendered invaluable services in subduing the fire of the enemy’s snipers.At great personal risk he frequently went forward well in advance of our trenches to successfully cope with snipers who were causing casualties in our ranks. He displayed courage of a very high order.”


Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette: 19 April 1917- Located on Page 919, Position 165.

Date of London Gazette: 27 October 1916- Located on Page 10487, Position 141.

Corporal Rose was also awarded the Silver Obilich Medal ( SERBIA ) for bravery on 14 September 1916.

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SMITH, George Thomas

Service Number – 4595

Rank – Private

Division – 11th Battalion

Enlisted – 27/10/1915

Discharged – 11/05/1919

Date of Death – 28/10/1958

Age at Death – 74

Burial Location – Methodist C5

Honours/Awards – Military Medal (MM)


During the attack on the Blue Line on the 10-12 August 1918 this soldier showed conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.  During this period he acted as company runner and was constantly employed delivering despatches to Battalion Headquarters and flanking companies under heavy fire.  He worked with the greatest energy and daring and was of the utmost assistance in setting back urgent information.  His conduct throughout was of a very high order

STANLEY, Thomas Brooke

Service Number – 981

Rank -Sergeant

Division -10th Lighthorse

Enlisted -09/01/1915

Discharged – 12/04/1920

Date of Death -20/10/1969

Age at Death -77

Burial Location – Anglican B 278

Honour/Award – Distinguished Conduct medal (DCM)


Trooper Thomas Brooke Stanley was awarded the DCM on the 8th October 1915 for acts of conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty at Gallipoli.  Below is an extract from the recommendation.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty on the 29th and 30th of August 1915, at Kaiajik Aghala (Hill 60 Dardanelles), when he was one of a party which held an important point in a trench for thirty seven hours consecutively, during which period there was almost incessant hand-to-hand fighting.  He displayed great coolness and bravery, and when finally a withdrawal was necessary he was the last to leave the trench.

WALLIS, Albert Edward

Service Number -975

Rank -Corporal

Division -10th Lighthorse

Enlisted -14/01/1915

Discharged -10/07/1919

Date of Death -19/06/1934

Age at Death -46

Burial Location -Anglican A 122

Honours/Awards – Military Medal (MM)


Albert Edward Wallis was recommended for the MM for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty in the field.  Below is an extract from a recommendation made on the 8th November 1917

For conspicuous gallantry in the field – On the right flank this man galloped into the retiring Turks and took the surrender of 1 officer, 9 men and one machinegun with 2 complete packs.  His actions and dash dumbfounded the enemy and I consider him worthy of special award.  He was detached from his troop at the time as flank guard, and his actions single-handedly speak for itself.