Service Number –

Rank – Major

Division – 9th Lighthorse

Enlisted – 9/10/1914

Discharged – 01/11/1919

Date of Death – 05/11/1981

Age at Death – 89

Burial Location – Crematorium Main Path D

Honour/Award – Distinguished Service Order (DSO)


Major Clive Bleechmore was recommended for the DSO on the 9th of October 1918.   Source of this record can be found in the London Gazette and the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette.

For bold, decisive action near Dumar on the 30th September 1918 whilst in charge of the vanguard.  Having located a large column of enemy with transport moving NW along the Beirut road and not withstanding heavy enemy machinegun fire, he disposed his squadron so as to bring fire to bear so effectively that the road was soon blocked with the dead and the transports, thus enabling the complete surrender of the column, which ultimately took place.  Again on the 2nd of October 1918 by bold leading after being ordered to seize Khan Ayash he succeeded in heading off the enemy just as they were mounting a machinegun in the Khan.


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